About George Szmukler

About George Szmukler

I am a psychiatrist who started practice in this field as a trainee in 1972. I retired from clinical work in 2012 but continue with my academic interests. I am now Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry and Society at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King’s College London.

Aspects of coercion in mental health care

Welcome to my web-site.

As you will quickly realise, my main interests are in the general area of ‘coercion’ in health care, and especially mental health care.

I hope you might feel inclined to look at my pages where I have made some notes on various aspects of coercive treatment interventions.  There is enormous scope for making practice more sensitive to its ethical aspects.  I argue for a thorough revision of our approach to involuntary treatment, as well as the use of ‘treatment pressures’ more generally.

Your  comments on the ideas and suggestions will be very welcome.  Please feel free.